Privacy policy

What is MAP?

The Museums and Participation Network (MAP) is a free professional network, run on a voluntary basis by a small core team of participation practitioners.

What personal data do we collect?

We ask individuals joining MAP (and our mailing list) to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Role / Job title
  • Organisation

How will we use your data?

All communication with our members is via e-mail.
We will use your information to:

  • send you news updates
  • share details of future meetings and training sessions
  • consult you about MAP-relevant issues
  • potentially flag up other opportunities in our sector to you

Over time, we will add information to our database records about:

  • which communications have been sent to you,
    and how you responded (if at all)
  • any MAP events you booked for, and which you attended

This all helps us understand who and where our members are, which topics are most relevant or interesting to them, and how to meet their needs.

Data sharing

MAP will not knowingly share your personal data with any other organisations or individuals. However, our website and emails to you may sometimes include links to external sources over which we have no control.

Your rights

GDPR legislation states your right to the following:

We will rectify your information at any time; just tell us what we need to change and we will update our records accordingly.

To be forgotten
If you wish to exercise your right to be forgotten, we will delete you from our lists, which also erases all your personal data from our records.

You are entitled to see a copy of the information we hold on you. This includes:

  • being told whether any personal data is being processed
  • being given a description of the data, the reasons it is processed and whether it will be shared
  • being given the source of the data

We will provide you with your information on request (formally called a Subject Access Request), as a comma delimited file (.csv)

We can transfer your data to another organisation at your request, as a comma delimited file (.csv)

How to get in touch with us

If you have any queries, concerns or requests please email us:


We will review our privacy policy regularly and may make changes from time to time. This is Version 1 of our privacy policy, created in April 2018.