What is a JISCMail list?

At MAP, we’re all about sharing and supporting each other. Whether you’re building something new, developing something long-term, facing a challenge or excited about an opportunity, MAP is here to help. We are a community of heritage and culture participation and engagement specialists at all stages of careers, coming from a huge variety of sites and experiences. Signing up to the JISCMail allows you to tap into our network and seek out advice, support and partnerships, spread the word about good work, and keep up to date with exciting developments in the sector.

A JISCMail list an email forum for online discussions. You can sign up for free to receive and send emails and take part in conversations with fellow participation practitioners. If you send an email to the JISCMail, it will be delivered to everyone who has signed up so they can reply directly to you, or in a discussion thread to the whole list. It is a great tool for online networking and getting instant peer support.

You can find out more about privacy, security and use of JISCMail lists here

How do I subscribe?

If you don’t have an existing JISCMail account, you’ll need to create one before subscribing.

  • Go to the JISCMail subscription page here
  • Enter your name and email address.
  • Make sure that the Select List field reads “MAPNETWORK MAP Network Mailing Discussion List”.
  • Click Subscribe (MAPNETWORK).
  • If you wish to unsubscribe at any time, you simply follow the same steps but click Unsubscribe (MAPNETWORK).

Using MAP JISCMail

When using the MAP JISCMail, please do:

  • Let the network know your news and good practice.
  • Ask questions about challenges or areas of curiosity.
  • Signpost exciting resources or developments you’ve come across.
  • Post opportunities to get involved with heritage participation projects.
  • Offer support to others.
  • Constructively discuss issues and ideas.
  • Think before you speak, making sure to use an empathetic tone and be patient with others.

When using the MAP JISCMail, please try not to:

  • “Spam” the platform with irrelevant content.
  • Advertise pay-for services, unless they are directly relevant to heritage participation, in which case please only do so once.
  • “Name and shame” other practitioners, organisations, visitors or participants with whom you have found fault or had conflict.
  • Attack or unconstructively criticise other JISCMail-users.

Please be aware that the JISCMail list is moderated by the MAP core team. We will do our best to keep an eye on messages and to offer support any time we can. If you are concerned by anything said by another user on the platform, please contact the list-moderator directly, rather than posting responses on the list. Anyone who uses offensive language or is consistently aggressive with other users will be removed from the list.